"Glacial notes" 48x58 cm (19x23”)

"Glacial notes" 48x58 cm (19x23”)


I have a very particular process when painting in acrylics where I put down many layers of paint before a composition forms. I only enter the project with a palette in mind, using the shapes formed by chance and create from that. That way creativity has room to explore and play, and the colors chosen will tie the piece together. A landscape can be so much, I like to think of it as a space for the mind to tell stories in.

Details: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 48x58 cm (19x23”). Unframed. Image extends over the sides, so the piece can be hung unframed.

Images:  I try to edit the images as close as possible to the real painting, but colors will appear different from screen to screen. 

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