A little more about me.


Art has played a major role in my life from early childhood. My mother is an artist and the smell of oil paint immediately throws me back to my early days. I’ve always had paint and brushes around me and there was always a drawing around to perfect. 

As an 18-year old I moved to Washington to pursue an arts degree at the Art Institute of Seattle and I have since worked as a graphic designer and Art director in San Francisco and Stockholm. At home, the studio has always been a necessary refuge, a place where I could create freely, experiment, play, and ultimately find my voice as an artist.

My aim is to capture the majestic nature and reserved cultural atmosphere of Scandinavia in my art. I have always been drawn to the abstract and undisclosed, using watercolors and thinned acrylic paint for a translucent, layered expression. My hope is that my work will bring a sense of calm in your home, pieces to cherish for a long time to come!